Fairey Associates offers a personal and reputable chartered wealth management service boasting a range of available skills, knowledge and experience in the industry. We see ourselves as your point of contact for all financial management issues. We develop a tailor-made, integrated concept that is based on your requirements. We focus on the long-term, rather than the short-term success of your investments. Our focus on maintaining a long-term relationship with clients, the large majority of whom choose to continue a working relationship indefinitely, appreciating a source of trusted advice as their financial needs evolve over the years.


The following are some examples of the specialist advice
and services that can be provided to you.


  • Tax Efficient Investment Planning
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Pension Fund analysis
  • Specialist Mortgage services
  • Self-Invested Personal Pension Plans
  • Income Drawdown Schemes
  • Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes for Directors (SSASs)
  • Portfolio Management


With the hectic lifestyles we all experience today, we find that very few people have the time, or often the inclination, to manage their financial affairs effectively. That's hardly surprising as the financial world we live in is complex and fast changing.


However, at one time or another most of us will need to seek financial advice. Being independent we have a wide range of expertise and knowledge, developed over many years to help people, both individually and in business, to fulfil their aims and aspirations, as well as offer that all important 'peace of mind' for the future.


We offer a personal, face-to-face, wealth management service which is tailored to suit your specific needs, whether your priority is:


  • Building and Preserving Capital
  • Managing Cash and Borrowings
  • Personal Protection against sickness and/or death
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Protection


As you will find by browsing this web site, we offer a seamless service of distinct quality, professionalism and expertise covering varying aspects of wealth management and financial advice.


SIPPs tend to have higher costs than a standard pension and active management is essential to maximise the benefits of the wider investment choice on offer. For these reasons, they will not be suitable for everybody and generally only those who are fairly experienced at actively managing their investment should consider this type of investment.

Ben Allen Dip PFS, Cert SMP

I provide holistic financial advice and specialise in helping corporate clients with all aspects from workplace pensions and auto enrolment to financial planning and business protection. I tailor to the specific needs of individuals, businesses and trustees. With auto enrolment already in motion I can foresee the issues that SME's will face in meeting the new legislation with such little support available. My focus is to help and support business owners and directors with implementing auto enrolment as well as providing advice to achieve lifetime financial planning goals through the growth, protection and preservation of your wealth.


The one thing that has always attracted me to the financial industry is the constant change. The fact that international news, government legislation and one million other variables have an effect on the market, it's important that all professionals within this industry are kept up to date and current. This has forced me to not only be aware of those changes but to be one step ahead, ready and questioning how these changes may affect the markets or the financial planning prospects for my clients.


I understand that people of all ages despite wealth, go through financial difficulties. I believe the job as an adviser is to remove the jargon and simplify the solution.Providing holistic service that will help you to achieve your lifetime financial planning goals through the growth, protection and preservation of your wealth. The range of potential solutions is broad, but may include:

> Financial Life Planning and Cashflow Analysis
> Investment Planning and Portfolio management
> Tax Planning
> Estate and Succession Planning
> Financial Protection and Insurance
> Mortgages and Cash Management
> Corporate Investment Planning

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