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Meet your local adviser in Sussex for trusted advice on all aspects on financial, tax and legal issues.

Take time to plan ahead

In the hectic world that we live in, planning ahead could not be more important. Rules and legislation are forever changing and becoming more complicated then ever. Many are now turning to advisers but struggle to pick who, as the process of advice can be a very personal matter. We carefully select the advisers we advertise in Sussex to ensure their suitability.


Whether you need a specialist financial advisers that can assist you with your pension and retirement planning as well as offer a wealth management service, or accountant that can aid you in completing your company accounts and tax returns. Sussex Advisers has a range of professionals to meet your needs. 

Face to face

Experiencing the interaction face to face to truly understand peoples needs is the driving principle of advisers. Their target is to understand your objectives and to help aid in the solution. They hold great importance to understanding their clients personally to ensure what they advise is in your best interest.


All our advisers listed offer a free initial meeting to understand your needs and objectives. This gives you the opportunity to meet with the adviser and decide if they are right for you without any obligation to proceed further. Whether its a financial adviser to advise you in your personal life or an accountant to consult your business, Sussex Advisers will cater to your needs.

Free initial meeting

All of the advisers listed in Sussex Advisers offer a free initial meeting. This not only allows the adviser to understand your needs and objectives but also gives you the opportunity to see if they are the right adviser for you. The initial meeting comes with no obligation to proceed further and all Sussex Advisers follow a strict moral code to highlight any fees or charges applicable before incurred to give you the ability to decline their service and peace of mind.


Financial services, accountancy and legal service all charge in different ways. This initial meeting gives you the ability to see how they work and understand their fee structure.



Part of a team

All of our carefully selected advisers in Sussex work closely as a team to help build the perfect solution. Pooling their expertise and knowledge allows them to offer a more enhanced bespoke service that you can rely on.


Bringing various advisers in from different professions, from financial advisers to accountants can help highlight areas of need and consideration that you may not have accounted for.


Any adviser should be honest in saying that they do not have all the answers. However by working as part of a team they can provide more holistic advice to all their clients.

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